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Eucapil® Post-Marketing Survey
based on a questionnaire sent out to 103 randomly selected users of Eucapil®.
Eucapil® has been sold through the pharmacies and by Internet in the EU and in a number of other countries since 2002. No particular marketing campaign has been run, and all sales are practically made by the recommendation, the word of mouth. In June 2006, Interpharma Praha, the manufacturer of Eucapil® has established a post-marketing survey in collaboration with some of its marketing associates. Selected essential responses were tabulated and presented below as graphs.
Detailed individual data are available at Biophysica, Inc.
Reported efficacy of Eucapil® in androgenetic alopecia (N=103)
Reported efficacy of prior topical products in current Eucapil® users (N=84)
Reported efficacy of Eucapil® combined with other hair loss products (N=48)
Reported topical tolerance of Eucapil® (N=97)
Individual Side Effects
Rash 1
Skin dryness 8
Skin reddening 1
Dandruff 5
Systemic 0
Have you observed any systemic change in your general health and wellbeing, including libido, overall energy, or sex, while using Eucapil®? Yes No N
0 94 94
Reported time to cessation of hair loss after commencing Eucapil® (N=103)
Efficacy of Eucapil®: Observed and reported effects in androgenetic alopecia
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